Monday, 29 July 2019

How to Take Care of Your Jewellery

Here at The Earring Collection, we are often asked about how to take best care of those precious pieces of jewellery that we all love so much. It is worth making a little effort to keep them looking their sparkling best.

"Blue Allure"
Blue topaz and sterling silver earrings

First and perhaps easiest of all, but incredibly important; storage. It’s a good idea to use the bags or boxes that each piece is sold with to keep it in, failing that, to store individual pieces in separate compartments of a fabric lined jewellery box, or wrap them in tissue or fabric and keep in a cool dry place.

Attractive gift boxes from The Earring Collection, designed to store and protect your jewellery.

It is always best to remove jewellery before using any kind of cleaning products, make up, lotions and creams, perfume, soap or hair products. Spraying any of these near jewellery is a definite no-no! Also, wearing jewellery to bathe, shower or swim can damage it, as chemicals in the water can react with the metal and damage gems. Rings should always be removed when washing hands to avoid damage.

Beautiful Blue Topaz in Hallmarked Sterling Silver,

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that jewellery should be the last thing you put on in when getting dressed and the first thing you take off when undressing.

We also advise removing jewellery before undertaking manual work such as housework or gardening and likewise whilst exercising or playing sport, as any kind of knock sustained whilst undertaking these activities could cause damage.

These cleaning cloths are made of high quality cotton impregnated with a silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent and sold in our lovely Cowes boutique.

When it comes to cleaning jewellery, we always advise avoiding any kind of abrasive cleaners and detergents, especially where pearls are concerned. Gemstones should be handled as little as possible, as natural oils from the skin can dull the stone. Pearls are the exception to this, as they should be worn on a regular basis, even just around the house. This is because the natural oils in human skin help to maintain the lustre of the pearl. They can be rubbed over lightly with a soft cloth. Silver and gold jewellery can be cleaned with soap and water and a soft cloth, before drying with another lint free, soft cloth.

Wonderful green amethyst ring in hallmarked sterling silver

Our top tip when cleaning jewellery is…..use a bowl away from the sink, 
or at least put the plug in to avoid losing your sparkling lovelies down the plughole!