Monday, 29 October 2012

Timeless beauty of pearls

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Smooth, luminous, exquisite; pearls are considered the most magical and feminine of all gemstones.
Precious gifts from nature, formed by a living organism, and cherished by the most famous beauties of each age throughout history.
Cleopatra, the last of the Egyptian queens, was said to have owned the two largest pearls of all time, left to her by oriental kings.
However, perhaps La Peregrina is the most famous of all pearls. Its history spans almost 500 years, as the pearl passed from the African slave who found it, all the way to European royalty.
More recently and, perhaps, most famously it belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.
Pearl's legendary beauty has stood the test of time and they have now become a unique and contemporary fashion element as well as a cherished heirloom.
A staple in any woman's collection of jewellery, pearl is the only gem a woman should not be without. From classic studs to dramatic chandeliers, pearl jewellery is a symbol of timeless elegance, femininity and splendour.

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