Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sparkle into the New Year

Earrings © The Earring Collection
End of December, holiday parties are in full swing and the biggest party of the year is still to come. 
This time of the year we are all facing that familiar "what am I going to wear?" question. 
Do I go with safe; choose a little black dress, some simple jewellery and end up just like... ..everyone else? 
But it's New Year's Eve, and there is something magical about it. Part of me wants to be daring, make a statement, reinvent myself. 
And if not, when? Why not treat this as a "new you" opportunity. After all, the best way to start a New Year is by making an effort to look your absolute best. So ditch that black dress, colour yourself in and add some sparkling jewellery. 

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Earrings © The Earring Collection