Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Trend 2013 - Geometric Jewellery

 Geometric jewellery is back! 
This is one of our favourite trends for 2013 simply because geometric jewellery cannot be boring. It gives an interesting edge to a little black dress or makes a pair of jeans and a t-shirt look funky.
Geometric earrings are also a perfect complement to the black-white look that's currently en vogue.
Sleek enough for the office or a night out, this trend is easy to pull off.
Here are some of our best geometric earrings:

Deco - White

White mother-of-pearl mounted in sterling silver to give a look that will always be en vogue

Earrings © The Earring Collection

Dark orbits

Dramatic double ring round discs of burgundy mother-of-pearl. Dressy, funky and a hint of the 60s.

Earrings © The Earring Collection

Silver Triangles 

Beautifully textured earrings with a lot of movement. Brushed solid sterling silver triangles move playfully when worn. Great for evening or day wear

Earrings © The Earring Collection


A slender band of jet black mother-of-pearl set in sterling silver. Simple, but not to be underestimated!

Earrings © The Earring Collection

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