Friday, 22 May 2015

"Northern Lights"

"Northern Lights" - labradorite and 22ct gold vermeil earrings £ 136  

Magical, mysterious labradorite is a favourite amongst The Earring Collection team. 
An Inuit legend says that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in rocks on the Canadian coast, until a brave warrior freed most of them with a blow from his spear. Those that remained in the rock are the cause of the beautiful, rainbow-like iridescence. 
Light loves playing with this gorgeous gemstone creating a dance of
blues, violets, oranges, green or even all these colours at once. 
We love the elegant simplicity of these gorgeous earrings. Faceted ovals of labradorite are encased in 22ct gold vermeil. The bezel setting lets the light pass through the gemstone putting on
 a magical display of shimmer and iridescence.
 These earrings make a perfect finishing touch to an evening dress!

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