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Sumptous Sapphire - The Birthstone of September

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 Sumptous Sapphire -The Birthstone of September

Top Facts
 It's a gemstone that has been used in jewellery making for hundreds of years, and has been a firm favourite amongst royalty for just as long.
The most common colour of sapphire is a deep hue of blue. It can also be found in a variety of shades such as purple, orange and green although these are much rarer. The only colour sapphires aren't found in is red.

Sapphire is a wedding anniversary gemstone that's traditionally given as a gift for the 45th year of marriage.
One of the most famous sapphire rings belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge, given to her as an engagement band; its previous owner was Diana, Princes of Wales.
It's an incredibly hard gemstone, second only to diamond.
New Sapphire Designs at The Earring Collection
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'Gypsy' style setting, sapphire and sterling silver ring £78
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'Branches' design, sapphire and sterling silver ring £68
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Left (Synthetic Sapphire) £48 / Middle (Synthetic Sapphire) £86 / Right (Natural Sapphire) £28
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Natural sapphire and sterling silver stud earrings £82
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