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Christmas Gemstone Gift Guide

Christmas Gemstone Gift Guide
Christmas is now fast approaching and purchasing the right gifts for friends and family is high on people's agendas. After the success of last year's Christmas Gift Guide blogs, we thought we would continue with tradition and bring it back for another year!.
Each week we will be profiling a couple of popular gemstones and offering advice on buying different styles of earrings.

Our boutique store is located at 120 High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight and we will continue to be OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK until the new year. Our three jewellery consultants are on hand to offer advice and make choosing the perfect gift very simple.

Red Garnet
Garnet comes in a variety of colours, but the most common shade is dark red. It's rich hue has made it a favourite of many who prefer jewellery with a more sumptuous look.
It's unique colour tends to flatter people with darker skin tones and features, it looks especially impressive on someone with brunette hair and brown eyes.
It's inner crystal composition means Garnet is a highly refractive gemstone, it looks its sparkling best in natural day light.
Where jewellery fashion is concerned, it has truly stood the test of time as trends have come and gone.
If you are looking to buy jewellery for a more mature lady then this gemstone could be a strong contender.
From earrings to pendants, we have a great selection in store.
L-R: Garnet earrings £62, Garnet stacking ring £62, garnet earrings £48.
Find these pieces @ 120 High Street, Cowes.

Don't have pierced ears?...

Not a problem! We can convert a wide range of drop earring styles to clip-ons.

Purple Amethyst

L-R: Amethyst drop earrings £52, Amethyst 'nest earrings £72, Amethyst drop earrings £68
 Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most feminine gemstones on the market and one of the most popular that we sell at The Earring Collection.
  It also comes in a variety of colours with purple being the most desired.
As its colour has a 'cooler' undertone, it's best suited to someone who has fairer skin with blue or green eyes.
Amethyst is a versatile gemstone and looks elegant on all ages, though we have noticed that it is mostly popular with those in the age range 16-40.
Our range of Amethyst jewellery includes traditional and modern designs, your sure to find the perfect match.


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