Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Rings | our newest designs and how to wear them

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest collection of fabulous rings! 
Even though rings are relatively small, they can have a big impact on any look. The right ring can make a big statement, altering outfits and moods in a wave of the hand. Go for loud and proud with an assortment of bold costume pieces or lean towards subtle and sweet with an arrangement of thin bands. This is our edit of fine and stunning rings from which to dress up your fingers.

Cocktail Rings
A cocktail ring is a piece of jewellery that is larger than normal rings and is designed to attract attention with its size and colors. Ever wonder how they got their name?

Well, during the Prohibition era in America, alcohol was strictly forbidden from being manufactured, sold or transported. Therefore, a celebratory cocktail was about as big a status symbol as anything you could wear. Women started wearing over-the-top rings to call attention to the illicit beverage and in turn, the bold embellishments earned their nickname - cocktail rings. 
Nowadays cocktail rings can be worn to many different types of occasions and can even be part of a casual outfit. 

Sometimes nothing beats the chic modernity of sterling silver. These rings cleverly combine gemstones and sterling silver for the most refined aesthetic. 

Here you see a gorgeous labradorite ring (left). This unusual stone can display a beautiful iridescent play of colors, caused by internal fractures in the mineral that reflect light back and forth dispersing it into different colors. A true eye-catcher and must-have for every woman's jewellery box.

A show of our finest statement sterling silver pieces.
This image shows a combination of our statement and more elegant pearl rings.

1 Select your stackables. The key                                     2 Mix them up. Once you have        
to any great delicate ring stack                                            your collection of rings, it's time
is texture and variety. Small chain                                        to get building. While there's no
rings, beaded wire rings, square                                           hard rule about the order of rings,
wire rings, round wire rings, and small                                   it's best to space out different
gem rings can all work in harmony                                        styles. For example, note how in
to create the perfect power stack.                                         the above picture we combined
Of course try playing around and see                                    small delicate with big statement.
what you like best.                                                           

3 Stack between the knuckles.                                        4 Play with proportion on other 
The height of the ring stack                                                 fingers. If you have one stack of
depends on how short or long your                                      multiple rings, keep the other fingers
fingers are. If you are going for a                                          more low-key with only one or two
full finger stack, stay within the                                           rings per finger. You don't have to
knuckles so that your fingers can                                        utilise every finger (the unadorned
move around. If you've got shorter                                        fingers are just as important for
fingers you may want to stack with                                      balance), but use both hands for a
fewer rings, as shown on the above                                      maxed-out look.

All the rings shown in our pictures are available in store.
120 High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight.