Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Treat yourself in Cowes!

Temptation around every corner.... treats to keep and treats to eat.

Bright, fun and delicious! Feast your eyes on our latest window display brightening up Cowes High Street!
Have a look at our fabulous new window display. Inspired by all things yummy, colourful and indulgent, it has already been admired by all generations.                               The oversized sweets and treat-themed window work well with  The Earring Collection's very own range of delicious treats that will keep considerably longer than your average bonbon, cupcake or lollipop (and are much better for your teeth and figure!)            And while there is of course nothing wrong with indulging your inner child, we have got a beautiful selection of treats of our own. Beautiful gemstones, an everlasting treat!

Amongst our jewellery treats you can find iridescent treasures, such as labradorite and kyanite. Their distinct crystalline structure can make them look very much like a delicious bonbon.
Other gemstones can appear like candy, too, due to their vibrant colours, inclusions and natural and unique imperfections. If you require a real sugar rush while in Cowes High Street from a traditional sweet shop you could always visit Humbugs at the bottom of Shooters Hill or if you are at the other end of the High Street, just before Market Hill, and in urgent need of sweetness, the Cigar Box & Stitch in Time will be able to curb your cravings.

Alternatively, if the bright colours aren't for you, we have got gemstones that will remind you of chocolates, caramels and toffees.
With their smooth, warm, chocolatey and creamy colours some of our gems are indulgent treats that will not impact on your waistline, but will make you feel and look fabulous nonetheless.

Admittedly, our Amber, Carnelian, Tiger Eye and Quartz gemstones don't taste anything like real chocolate.
However, if you are looking to give in to all your chocolate cravings, why not visit Chocolate Mad Cowes in Bath Road for some beautifully handcrafted and edible delightsWarm, rich and creamy...beautiful gemstones and delicous chocolates! A match made in heaven!

So, whether you are treating yourself to a little something, or looking for a present for that special friend, be it for a birthday, as a thank you or just because, Cowes is the place to come and find that unique and personal gift. And if you are struggling to make a decision  about what kind of treat to get them, you can always combine the two and surprise them or yourself with a treat to keep and a treat to eat.

We are hoping to see you soon!

Your Earring Collection Team xx