Wednesday, 15 March 2017

* * *Glow in Gold* * *

Now the month of March is upon us we are certainly starting to feel the early approach of Spring.
That can only mean one thing....lots of much needed sunshine and the opportunity to wear your summer wardrobe!.

The ultimate luxury Spring/Summer treat is a pair (or two!) of glittering gold earrings that will instantly brighten up any outfit.
Whilst we are mainly known for our signature sterling silver, our gold collection is bursting with inventive design teamed with the highest quality gemstones.

We pride ourselves on having a gorgeous variety to suit all tastes and budgets, from 9ct gold gemstone studs to larger, more opulent ear adornments. So whether you want a new pair of earrings to wear every day or perhaps something special for a big event, our consultants are on hand to match you with your perfect pair!. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Hot off the catwalk....
S/S 2017 Ashish
If you read our recent blog about London Fashion Week 2017, you would have read about some of the years biggest forecasted jewellery trends.
One of these we called 'Empress of India' as designers had undoubtedly been influenced by traditional Indian culture.
The heavy use of gold encrusted with rubies, emeralds and sapphires was reminiscent of jewellery worn by brides at traditional Indian weddings.
You can 'tone down' the look by pairing your jewellery with a floaty dress and pretty sandals.

* *Taster of our Gold Collection* * *

Gold vermeil and amethyst 'briolette' drop earrings £128

Gold vermeil, lemon topaz and labradorite drop earrings £162

Rose gold, rose quartz and green amtheyst 'briolette' drop earrings £180

Gold vermeil and onyx drop earrings £126

Gold vermeil and mixed gemstone hoop earrings £90

Gold vermeil 'geometric' drop earrings £72

Gold vermeil drop earrings £116

Gold vermeil and labradorite drop earrings £82

Gold vermeil and chalcedony drop earrings £122

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