Saturday, 15 July 2017

How to match Earrings with your Eye colour

Eyes.. probably the most noticeable feature and without doubt the first thing to be noticed when we introduce ourselves.
To make our most valuable feature really pop and stand out from the crowd there`s a very simple trick to follow, choose the right Jewellery!
Particularly important in this case is going to be the choice of the EARRINGS, maybe more than necklaces and rings, because they`re going to be the focal point to draw attention to your EYES.
The general rule, when it comes to earrings, is easy: we should either stick to complementary or contrasting gemstones colour. And to make this easier we can take a look at the at the Colour Wheel to quickly find the colour shade that is either similar to our eye colour or contrasting(at the opposite side of the wheel).

Let`s examine case by case what`s the correct choice to make!
  • Brown/hazelnut eyes:
Brown and hazelnut eyes are undeniably interesting with their hints of green, brown and okra that make them very mysterious..
But at the same time brown eyes are the hardest to make stand out.
In order to do so you can opt for a light and bright green as your contrasting colour, or for a warm/smoky brown to match your eyes.
Peridot, green jade, bright emerald or chalcedony would be the perfect choices to start with. Why don`t you complete the look with a light green eyeshadow?

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  • Blue eyes:
What to say about blue eyes.. they`re so beautiful and unique that they stand out quite a lot on their own with no need of any extra help, but you can still enhance their colour with the right choice of jewellery!
For icy blue eyes you can go for a very light blue gemstones, like topaz, turquoise or chalcedony. With deeper blue eyes you can opt for a rich sapphire, Siberian quartz or Lapis lazuli.
And neutral colours like grey and silver are good to highlight the flecks of colour in blue eyes.
The best metals to match blue eyes are Silver, platinum and white gold.

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  • Green eyes:
Green eyes are the most rare in the world so they need to be enhanced with the right pair of earrings. To make them shine even more you can go for a deep green pair of earrings or choose a rich red/purple gemston;  both gold and silver metal are perfect for them. So you can opt for amethyst, alexandrite, ruby, emerald, green quartz and many others!

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Whatever eye colour you have there are so many options of wonderful gemstones you can choose between..and we have them all in our boutique shop! Come to visit us at The Earring Collection, 120 High street in Cowes. Hurry up to find your perfect pair of beautiful earrings.

Have a colourful summer!