Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to choose the right gemstone earrings for your hair colour

Hair and jewellery have a great impact on our face and our overall appearance, and because of this it's crucial that they`re in harmony and that they complement each other as much as possible.
Hair colour plays a main role in our image so here's some advice on how to choose the correct gemstone and type of earrings for your own hair colour. Enjoy!
  • Blonde: For beautiful blonde hair the possibilities are endless..basically any gemstone colour looks great, but there are a few that especially stand out. Depending also on whether your skin tone is cool or warm, you can easily opt for blue, green and purple gemstones. Blue hued gemstones like Sapphire and Blue Topaz look breathtaking, as do fresh, green gemstones like Peridot and Prehnite. Use purple gemstones, like Amethyst, Iolite or Alexandrite, to create a wonderful contrast effect.

Blue Topaz & F.W.Pearl in Sterling Silver setting, £ 72.
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Beautiful Siberian Quartz & Sterling silver, £86.
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  • Red: If you`re a true red head the jewellery colours that look best on you are neutrals (beige, smokey brown and oranges), but yellow and dark green will look stunning as well, with Citrine and Emerald especially enhancing your hair colour. Better to avoid colours with gray undertones, they won`t pop, but remember to opt for anything shiny!

Stunning Seraphinite £ Sterling silver, £135.
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Unique Citrine, Peridot & Jasper in a Sterling silver setting, £148.
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  • Brunettes: Brunettes have a wide range of choices when it comes to gemstone colours! Unlike the other hair colours, deep reds are highly recommended as well as bright blue and green in order to make the earrings really stand out. So go for ruby, garnet, emerald, green quartz and topaz. Smokey quartz is another good fab option.

Wonderful Malachite & Sterling silver, £ 112.
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Garnet & Sterling silver, & 92.
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  • Black: Women with black hair seem to have all fun when it comes to earrings! They can choose anything bold and bright without worrying about excess.. white, pink, light green and blue are the perfect gemstone colours for them! Better to stay away from black/dark colours and autumnal tones though; they can get lost in beautiful black hair. Of course, great gemstones for this hair colour are the white ones (so pearls, diamond, white topaz, moonstone, opal) and light coloured ones (pink quartz, tourmaline, peridot, blue topaz)..a lot of choices!
Unusual Mother of Pearl & Sterling silver, £ 86.
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F.W. Pearl £ Sterling silver, £ 90.
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There are countless stunning gemstones to choose from and, notwithstanding the above, you must go for the ones you love and have fun!

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