Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to choose and style a Cocktail Ring

First of all..what exactly is a Cocktail Ring?

A Cocktail ring is a special piece of jewellery always larger than the "ordinary" rings and it is designed with the aim to attract attention through its unusual size and bright colours.
These rings often have an oversized central gemstone - simply on its own or with few other smaller gemstones - or a big central gemstone with a lot of very small stones in their setting. The "leading actor" of the Cocktail ring remains  anyway the big focal gemstone, the rest of the design is meant to complement and enhance it.

When Cocktail Rings became famous?

These stunning rings first became popular back in the 30's & 40's, when they were worn at the increasingly-fashionable Cocktail Parties organised by high society - hence their name.
Ladies loved to wear them, even over silky gloves, maybe smoking one of those long cigarettes in a holder and showing off their seductive powers and their new, strong position in society.

Nowadays Cocktail rings are worn to all sorts of fancy events, although people also wear them everyday with informal outfits.

How can we choose the right Cocktail Ring?
By simply follow these few advises.

1. Look for rings with a STATEMENT stone.

This type of ring should only have one large focal gemstone. If it has other stones they should complement, not distract, from the main one. This needs to be oversized, but make sure the ring does not extend over the top of the first knuckle of your any case, don't be scared of being dramatic!

From left to right: Smoky Quartz in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £240;
Green Quartz in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £260.
 From left to right: Labradorite in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £240;
Green Amethyst in hallmarked Rose Gold, £450; Smoky Quartz in hallmarked Rose Gold, £480.

 Pink Zircon in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £220.


Since you'll be 'dressing to impress' then why don't you go for the richest and brightest gemstone colours? There`s such a wide range of semi-precious gemstones in gorgeous colour shades that will make your Cocktail ring really stand out from the crowd. 
But remember to keep it simple: when wearing such a statement cocktail ring make sure it's either the only one or, at least, the only large ring you have on. You can still wear a simple band but too many rings are going to make look your hands, the concept behind all this is "one which stuns"!

 Lemon Quartz in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £245.

From left to right: Carnelian in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £240; White Zircon in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £330.

From left to right: Siberian Quartz in Sterling Silver, £98; Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Lemon Quartz in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £380.

3. Go for the UNUSUAL!

Despite all these style rules about how a Cocktail ring should look like and how it should be worn, we are in dare the unusual, go for the contemporary taste and surprise with an unusual, striking design! It'll never be boring!

 From left to right: Turquoise nugget in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £280;
Fresh water Pearls & White Zircon in hallmarked Sterling Silver, £260.

From left to right: Afghan Lapis Lazuli in Sterling Silver, £180; Hand-carved Agate, £240.

As I always say, the golden rule when it comes to wearing jewellery is to have fun, so choose the one you love and rock your party outfit!

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