Friday, 12 January 2018

Discovering Citrine: a beautiful gemstone to brighten your days!

Citrine is a wonderful and rare gemstone, originally from Southern Brazil, with a colour ranging from almost orange through to a distinctive beautiful pale yellow.

This versatile and elegant gemstone is a perfect match with dark eyes and hair but can be worn by all.

We have a wonderful collection of Citrine & Sterling Silver jewellery - rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets - in store and ready to be worn! 

Below is a small selection of what we have now, come and visit us to discover more!

  • Citrine Rings..
Stunning Citrine in hallmarked Sterling silver ring, £ 160
Now in store.

Big Citrine & Sterling Silver ring, £112.
Now in store.

Wonderful Citrine in Hallmarked Sterling Silver ring, £238.
Now in store!

  • Citrine Bracelets..
Citrine in Hallmarked Sterling Silver bracelets, £ 360 (left) and £228 (right).
Now in store.

  • Citrine Earrings..
From left to right: Citrine & Sterling Silver stud earrings, £72; Citrine and Jasper in Sterling Silver drop earrings, £148.
Now in store.

Beautiful Citrine & brushed Sterling Silver earrings, £86.
Now in store!

Citrine & Moonstone in Sterling Silver drop earrings, £86.
Now in store.

  • Citrine Pendants..
Citrine & brushed/hammered Sterling Silver pendant , £220, a one-off and hallmarked piece. Alluminium Mesh with Sterling Silver clasp, £26.
Now in store.

Citrine, Baroque Pearl and Mookaite Jasper in Hallmarked Sterling Silver pendant, £210,
an unusual one-off piece.     Now in store.

Come and discover all these beautiful pieces and many more at
The Earring Collection shop
120 High Street
Cowes PO31 7AY

Have a brighter beginning to your year!