Friday, 25 May 2018

Beautiful Blue Gems

Here at The Earring Collection, we have a wealth of wonderful jewellery featuring a wide range of beautiful blue stones set in solid sterling silver.

Shown above; Azurite, Kyanite and Blue Topaz set in hallmarked Sterling Silver necklace, Blue Topaz earrings, Siberian Quartz Ring and two Blue Topaz rings.

Azure, aquamarine, baby blue, cornflower blue, ultramarine, navy blue, just some of the names we use to try to describe the thousands of hues of this wonderful colour. Similarly, the symbolic meanings associated with blue are varied and plentiful. In many cultures it has been associated with spirituality and heavenly attributes. Children instinctively use blue to represent sky and water.

The exquisite stones used at The Earring Collection have been individually hand picked from around the world and are shown off to perfection in their settings of precious metal. We have striking Siberian Quartz, sparkling Blue Topaz, glacial Aquamarine and intense, rich Lapis Lazuli pieces. Also, deepest blue Sapphires, lovely Kyanite and some amazing, glittering, polished Sandstone jewellery.

Blue is a colour that can be worn at any time, but perhaps summer is the most perfect time of year as we think of seaside holidays and blue, blue skies. Wearing blue and silver jewellery is a marvellous way to complement a sun tan.

 Do pop in to our shop, 'The Earring Collection' if you are in Cowes at any time. If you can't get to Cowes, why not visit our on-line store, where we have a wide range of earrings available to purchase, (in blue and other colours too!), just click on the link below.