Thursday, 7 June 2018

Lovely Lapis from The Earring Collection

This morning I was having a closer look at some of our beautiful lapis lazuli pieces.

The colour varies very slightly from piece to piece, but the chief impression I have is of a deep midnight blue. When lapis is 'framed' in silver or gold 
the blue seems even more intense...

Blue Mountains Earrings £70  

Bizantina Earrings £120

Lapis Deco Earrings £130

Lapis lazuli was once prized more highly than gold. Ground down into a pigment, artists of the renaissance used this most precious of blues to paint the robes of the Virgin Mary, hence the name, 'Sacred Blue'.

The tiny inclusions, or gold specks you might see within the stone are in fact pyrite. This can often enhance the value of the stone as well as enhancing the deep blue colour.

The lapis lazuli here in the shop is of the very highest quality and has been sourced from an Afghan family, traditionally Afghanistan is the home of the very finest lapis.

Pictured above, you can see just three of our many, many amazing pairs of lapis earrings. Again the silver setting shows off the intense colour to perfection. The good news is that as well as our lovely shop in Cowes, you can also visit our online store to purchase some of these beauties.

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