Wednesday, 20 February 2019

March Birthstones

March is almost here and if you happen to have a birthday next month, or know someone who does, jewellery is a great gift choice.

Wonderful aquamarine pendant paired with one of our sterling silver collars
Pendant £185
Collar £48

Several stones are linked to the month of March, but perhaps the most well known is the aquamarine. The zodiac signs of March are Pisces and, towards the end of the month, Aries. The aquamarine is the gem associated with Pisces.

Eastern Princess
A dainty aquamarine chandelier

Aquamarines are a blue variety of beryl. The name comes from the Latin; 'aqua', meaning water and 'marina', meaning 'of the sea'. The beautiful jewellery shown here is especially dear to our hearts as we love the sea here in Cowes!

Stunning sterling silver and aquamarine ring

In ancient times, the stone was believed to protect sailors and reckoned to cool a hot temper, as well as being an antidote to poison. The Romans believed that aquamarines could help reconcile enemies and attract friends, as well as endowing the wearer with courage.

Beautiful aquamarine pendants paired with fabulous quality sterling silver snake chains
Pendants £72
Chains £26

In the Middle Ages in Europe, aquamarine ground into powder was used to treat infections, especially conditions of the eyes. It was also believed to promote mental stability by warding off anxiety and stimulating happiness.

Lovely sterling silver and aquamarine ring

The other gem historically attributed to March birthdays is the bloodstone. This stone is perhaps less well known. They tend to be a greenish colour and get their name from the red inclusions they exhibit. Legend has it that these originated as the blood of Jesus Christ fell to the ground in drops and splashed on to rocks when he was crucified.

Striking jasper and citrine earrings 

The bloodstone is a form of Jasper, one of the stones associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. Traditionally this was said to balance positive and negative energy and to stabilise personality.

Fabulous green jade earrings

Jade is linked to the sign of Pisces and linked with the month of March in the traditional Tibetan calendar. It's attributes were considered to aid love, virtue and courage.

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