Thursday, 25 April 2019

Cocktail rings from The Earring Collection

Opulent, sculptural and bold, a cocktail ring is a must for any jewellery collection.
 "The name cocktail ring" originated in 1920s during the era of Prohibition as underground cocktail parties sprung up all over America where young "Flappers and Dappers" were drinking, smoking and dancing all night.
Women attending these parties would make a lavish statement with their glamorous gowns and their bedazzling jewellery. An oversized, show-stopping gemstone ring was an essential accessory. 
Times have changed but the decadence associated with a cocktail ring ensures that this piece of jewellery is still very much desired today.
The Earring Collection boutique has a fabulous collection of cocktail ring designs that vary from a simple statement to lavishly embellished. We often get asked why they are not on the website.The truth is that we much prefer a personal approach; besides photos rarely do jewellery justice.
Popping in to our lovely shop in Cowes works best - you can try lots of different styles, look at the array of stunning gemstones and pearls taking time to find your perfect ring.
Many of our designs are one-offs so may need re-sizing but we can easily organise this.
Knowing your ring size is handy but don't worry, we can measure your finger to get that perfect fit.

So get your fingers ready for the glitz and glamour of the cocktail ring!

Stunning blues...

Scrumptious greens...

Gorgeous purples....

Sparkling yellows....

Luxurious rose gold....

This was just a small selection....
Have we tempted you yet? Give us a call ( 01983 243055),
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We are always happy to show off our gorgeous designs