Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Gold Vermeil Jewellery at the Earring Collection

Here at The Earring Collection, we have many fine examples of wonderful 
hand-made jewellery created using gold vermeil.

Bizantina Earrings - superb lapis lazuli in 18ct gold vermeil, £ 120

So, what is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil (pronounced 'ver-may') is the very highest quality of gold plating. The base structure of the piece is sterling silver, which is coated with a heavy layer of  18 or 22ct gold. 
Vermeil', is a French word, but such items may also be referred to as 'silver-gilt' or gilded silver. 
Jewellery produced this way tends to be more valuable and better quality than 'gold plated' as this term refers to a base metal item with a thin layer of gold being laid over it. 

"Eastern Princess" Earrings - gorgeous aquamarine briolettes in 18ct gold vermeil, £122

The technique was refined by artisans working in Eighteenth Century France. Traditional 'Gold' tableware is usually made of gold vermeil. There is a room in America's Whitehouse called 'The Vermeil Room', which houses such a collection.Since the beginning of the Twentieth Century Olympic 'Gold' medals, were in fact made from gold vermeil.

Lovely selection of gemstone and 18ct gold vermeil necklace.
All are available to purchase from The Earring Collection shop in Cowes
Please contact us on 01983 243055 for more information

"Lily" Earrings - gorgeous freshwater pearl and 18ct gold vermeil, £48

There are two main advantages to the use of gold vermeil as opposed to solid gold. 
The first is the weight of the item, especially important with regard to jewellery, especially earrings! The other important consideration is financial, gold vermeil pieces are much more affordable than their solid gold equivalent would be.

With care, gold vermeil jewellery will last for many years without any sign of the plating wearing away. It is best kept away from chemicals, lotions and perfumes. It should not be worn whilst swimming or bathing. To prevent tarnishing, it is best stored in airtight containers. When cleaning gold vermeil jewellery, buff very gently with a soft, dry lint free cloth and never use chemical cleaners which will damage the surface.

That means that striking, unique pieces of quality jewellery, such as those available here at 
The Earring Collection, are accessible to many more people and that has to be something to celebrate or maybe, something to celebrate with!